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Trip to Prague

All of Prague's wonders - What to see near the Hotel

A trip to Prague, the City of a Hundred Towers, is an enchanting experience to enjoy at least once in a lifetime. The capital of the Czech Republic is full of things to see and of experiences in order to discover its priceless cultural and architectural heritage.

By staying at the Hotel Liberty you will have privileged access to the historic center. The Old Town is the ancient hearth and it is characterized by cobbled streets, medieval buildings and one of the most photographed squares in Europe: Old Town Square. Here you can admire the striking Astronomical Clock and visit the Týn Church, a charming Gothic masterpiece. From the majestic Charles Bridge, which is perched on the Vltava River that divides the city in two, you can catch a glimpse of Prague Castle, one of the largest structures in the world and home to the Czech Republic’s President.

A trip to Prague must necessarily pass through the Mala Strana district, a picturesque area characterized by elegant Baroque buildings and by the Jerusalem Synagogue, which heralds the city’s thousand-year Jewish history with its wealth of fascinating traditions.
In addition to sights to behold, Prague is famous for its food culture and recipes. Items such as Goulash, a typical dish made of beef, spices, and paprika, or Smažený sýr, which is breaded and fried cheese, usually served with French fries and tartar sauce. At the Pilsner Urquell brewery you can enjoy one of the Czech Republic’s most famous beers, brewed for more than 150 years. The Prague Cake is another local delicacy to try, it is a sponge cake filled with vanilla cream and topped with chocolate.
Prague offers a wide range of attractions that can fulfill any wish. Get ready for a trip to one of the most picturesque and romantic places around the globe. Seek our concierge for information, recommendations and to plan a unique trip. It will be a memorable vacation!

Prague Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock is one of the city’s must-see treasures. It is located a short distance from the Liberty Hotel, a sight not to be missed.

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What to eat in Prague

Prague is not just art and culture. In the Czech Republic’s capital you can eat typical dishes as well as enjoy local recipes and products that have become iconic.

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What to see in Prague in three days

A tailor-made tour of the sights to see in Prague in three days with the Liberty Hotel as a starting point which allows you to discover all of the city’s nuances.

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Prague's Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions is one of Prague’s most popular destinations, a must-see museum where you will be enchanted by its unique nuances.

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Prague's historic cemetery

Prague’s Historic Cemetery is a richly fascinating destination worth seeing during an ideal tour of the city. It is a place in which to discover the facets of Jewish tradition.

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