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Prague's historic cemetery

The Czech capital's ancient Jewish cemetery

Prague’s Jewish Cemetery is one of the oldest historic cemeteries in the world and one of the most famous ones in Europe. It offers a unique setting that should be seen during your visit to the Czech capital.

It was built in the early 15th century and it is one of the most significant sites of the Jewish Quarter, which is located a short distance from the Liberty Hotel. The historic cemetery became a Czech cultural landmark in 1955 when it opened to visitors unveiling all of its solemn charm and mystery.

Inside the cemetery you will find a suspended, sacred ambiance, where tombstones of different shapes and sizes, some simple, others intricate, interchange making the environment unique and distinctive. You will visit Prague’s Jewish cemetery following an set path that winds among its thousands graves under the shade of centuries-old elderberry trees.

It is estimated that more than 150,000 people have been buried in this historic cemetery over the centuries. Due to the need to optimize space, layered burials were actually employed. The cemetery’s most-visited grave is the one of Rabbi Loew, a mythical figure who is said to have had magical powers. This grave bed is covered with stones that visitors place as a sign of respect.
Prague’s historic cemetery awaits you with its wealth of mysteries and legends, a must-see place to discover one of the city’s most distinctive facets.