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Prague's Museum of Illusions

One of the most fascinating destinations to see and to experience in the city

Visiting the Museum of Illusions is one of the most fun and unique experiences you can have in Prague.
Located in the city’s historic center, just a short distance from the Liberty Hotel, the Museum of Illusions is a perfect destination for children and adults who want to be enchanted by optical tricks, illusory traps and perspective tricks. Here you have the opportunity to take fantastic keepsake photos that will steal more than a smile.

Magic chairs or enchanted rooms, optical illusions that will transform you in unexpected ways, riddles related to the history of the Czech Republic to learn while having fun. It offers a journey between traditions and magic that provides an incredible visual and sensory experience in the heart of Prague.
The Museum of Illusions features three floors of exhibitions and more than 150 locations to be discovered. It is housed inside an elegant neo-Renaissance-style old building with vaulted ceilings that are decorated with paintings by Mikolas Als, a leading Czech artists.