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What to eat in Prague

The characteristic flavors of the Czech capital

What to eat in Prague during your vacation? The Czech capital offers a wide selection of unique tastes and flavors, matchless products to be savored in order to discover the city’s most mouthwatering essence.
Prague is home of food bursting with flavor, of stewed and spiced meat and of beer that flows like a river. There are distinctive gourmet offerings that are going to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Here are some dishes which embody the local culinary tradition that you must try:
Gulash, a typical dish from Eastern European counties. It is a stew-like dish made of meat and vegetables which is usually seasoned with paprika and other spices. It is one of the main courses that you can find on all Prague menus.
Polevka, a typical very hearty soup with potatoes, garlic and sauerkraut. It was originally created to weather the cold temperatures of the long Eastern European winters.
Smazeny risek, a pork steak with egg and breadcrumbs. It is fried and then served with a side of boiled potatoes.
Smazeny syr, fried cheese balls that are eaten paired with a special tartar sauce. A quick snack to savor while you are exploring the city.

Another of the Czech capital’s specialties is Prague Ham, a smoked cooked ham sold without the bone. It is a delicious street food option.

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The sweeter face of Prague is portrayed by Trdelník, a traditional delicacy sold at the center’s characteristic kiosks. It is made with sweet bread sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon which is filled to your liking with every imaginable ingredient: from ice cream to fruit and from chocolate to hazelnuts.

hotel Liberty Praha

Beer in Prague is not just a beverage, it is the core around which social life moves. Great brands such as Staropramen and Pilsner, which are sold in historic breweries, are the main focus of tasting tours aimed at discovering the many alcoholic beverages that you can find in the city.

Prague offers a wealth of restaurants and typical establishments where you can eat and drink in large amounts while paying moderate amounts of money. We will be able to recommend the best places for you to check out to get your fill of flavor during your stay at the Liberty Hotel.