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Prague's Astronomical Clock

One of the Czech capital's wonders

Prague’s Astronomical Clock is one of the most beloved and characteristic sights to see in the city. It is the iconic symbol of the entire Czech Republic.
Witnessing the hour strike under the clock tower is one of the must-see experiences to enjoy during a trip to Prague. The astronomical clock is located on the Town Hall tower in Old Town Square and is a scientific landmark dating back to the medieval period. It features a complex mechanism and has a structure steeped in symbolism and mystery.

It is made up of three separate elements:
• the Apostles’ procession, 12 figures that are set in motion every hour
• a round astronomical dial showing the time and astronomical data
• a lower dial, also divided into 12 sections, which represent the months of the year.


The astronomical clock is one of the most beloved attractions of the Czech capital and undergoes regular restoration work to preserve its splendor and charm.
Allow yourself to be captivated by the fluid movement of its perfectly synchronized elements, by the time flowing through an almost sacred procession of saints and by heavenly stars and numbers. This must-see sight is located within walking distance from the Hotel Liberty.